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I wanted to accurate judge this lace wigs as I've now had it for a little over 2 months. When I first purchased it was buttery smooth. It held curls very easily and there was virtually no tangling or shedding. Two months in hair bundles uk does shed but nothing too crazy. I don't have a crazy amount of tangling unless it needs to be washed. The first picture is the most recent picture of me and it was taken last week so the hair bundles is by no means in bad shape. I did not bleach the knots or modify the brazilian hair bundles in any way. The fur vest picture is it in its natural state. The red hoodie is the next morning after sleeping with a bun from curling the day previous with no lace wigs uk spray for hold. So I purchased the 14inch, when you open the pack it doesn't look like a 14inch, it actually looks shorter because of the light curls/ waves that it comes with. I washed the hair and blew it out with light heat and it was full beautiful and soft.